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IT Common Sense
In much of my work over the years i have always been looking to find the most effective solution to whatever problem or challenge that is there. Communication is very important and this is best kept simple. When you reflect on the succesful and failed projects it would appear that those where ideas were shared in a simple and clear manner had the best chance of success. In development we need a clear direction from the board about the direction of the business, but also have a close relationship with the people who are involved in the Nuts and Bolts of what happens.

From working with COBOL, Assembler and Fortran on Data General mini-computers to working with Oracle/NetSuite it has been a fascinating experience watching how Technology has developed over the years. Over the year sthis has included Cyberquery and Cyberscreen in both Application development and Business Intelligence reporting and the last 5 years of which have been spent working for Cyberscience. This more recent work included Training and Mentoring clients and developing Business Intelligence solutions for Customers. Before that I worked for Christie's Auction house within the marketing department as a Data Analyst aswell as developing a Data Warehouse application for measuring the performance of campaigns. A large part of my career before that was as a contract Full Life Cycle Development in which i enjoyed a lot of satisfaction on various projects. I was also involved in the UK launch of Oracle/NetSuite and did some implementations in the early stages of the market in the UK. The online applications have a lot of advantages and now Customers are seeing the real advantages unlike in those early days.

So whatever your needs a conversation is a good start, then we can examine the possibilities. For me i am looking to provide something that adds value for the Customer and also something that gives me satisfaction.