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I am Peter Chadburn and am an experienced IT Professional and below is my CV

Cyberscience Corporation June 2013 – June 2018 5 years 1 month.
Working as a consultant, involved in training and supporting customers in order that they can make best use of our Business Intelligence tool Cyberquery. Also involved in projects where we develop tailored solutions for clients. We provide tools for providing business intelligence for Baan/LN, QAD, JDE, Oracle, AX dynamics, Syteline, SQL and other platforms. Training is something I really enjoy when customers are enthused with our tools. Have also worked on developing/maintaining Internal Applications using Cyberscreen.

Christie’s - Sep 2005 – May 2013 7 year 9 months
Worked in Marketing as Data Analyst of Auction data and also involved in many productivity enhancements using Cyberquery and Visual Basic with Excel and built a Data Warehouse from various data sources. Also involved in analyses of requirements for Siebel system. Using MS-Access data as well. A fascinating Business with some lovely people out there in the departments. I have looked after the South Kensington and Hong Kong salerooms and have managed to get a good understanding of the Marketplace. Understanding various strands of Art, Furniture and Objects that are sold along with the world auction market has been quite a learning experience. Also used Siebel analytics with segmentation and answers for campaign management and analyses. However these tools were quite rudimentary in comparison with the Cyberquery used in the early years

BUPA – Mar 2005 – Jun 2005 4 months - Project Leader and Analyst/Developer
With 7 contracts totalling 2 years from 1993, 2001,2002 and 2005. the most recent was to integrate a Point CRM system with the commission system using Oracle PL/SQL, Unix scripts and CQCS. Main involvement has been in leading the definition and analyses of user requests and the design and implementation of enhancements to the lead and commission system and development of interfaces to other systems.
I revisited BUPA as a Consultant for Cyberscience in which I upgraded their system. The Documentation that I wrote back in 2002 was still in use.

SME Online Mar 2003 – Mar 2005 Consultancy and Freelance work.
As well as small projects/support for existing clients was involved with the launch in the UK of the NetSuite CRM/ERP/Ecommerce system, testing and demonstrating it. Have done Business Process investigations leading to implementing the system. I have provided support/implementation for several NetSuite clients including Security, Medical Products, Indian Steel Plant, Phone provider, Fashion house, Learning provider, Chocolate maker, Banking services, Art sales. This has extended to EDI, XML and other work. Some Cyberquery Business intelligence investigation for a data mart for a Logistics firm linking a SAP and internal SQL/Server database. Other small business work in Access, VBA and Excel.

Guardianship Office (Ministry of Justice) May 2002 – Jan 2003 9 months Analyst/Programmer
Investigated and implemented KPI reporting for Government agency performance targets using Cyberquery and excel. Then developed an automated Data Cleansing process for improving data quality. Various other system enhancements in Cyberscreen also implemented.

Fairclough Homes Jun 2001 – Jun 2001 – 1 month Analyst/Programmer Woking, Surrey
In 2001 this very short contract was as a result of their takeover and was to enable their Cyberquery and excel reporting system to change to a new reporting calendar.

Livingston Hire Mar 1998 – Oct 1999 20 months - Full Life Cycle Development -Teddington
(1998/9 for 18 months after 3 years in 1990/3) Business and Systems analyses through to programming. I redesigned both the database and user interfaces to not only make the system more user friendly but to improve performance and also accuracy of reporting. Developed better inventory management, forecasting and marketing functionality using Cyberscreen and Cyberquery. Managed the Data migration development which ran on Unix and Oracle.

DX Network Services - Apr1995 – Apr 1998 3 years Full Life Cycle Development - Iver, Bucks
(2004/3, 1999/2001 and 1995/8) For 3 years followed by about 18 months in 6 shorter contracts plus remote support and development. Business investigation through to design and implementation in Cyberscreen. In effect the development of the Sales and Contract management system together with a Sales Ledger and Credit control was from scratch in Cyberquery and Cyberscreen. Then evaluation of CRM systems led to a Point CRM on SQL/Server system, being integrated. Data ownership workshops and ETL functionality were developed. Subsequent elimination of the accounts modules, interfacing with both ceefacs and then to SAP accounting systems.

EMC - Full Life Cycle Developer Feb1993- Mar 1995 26 months - Hounslow, Ascot and Brentford
(1993/5, 1987/9 and 1983 + ad hoc bits total of 4 years) Initially just a short assembler project at the start of my contracting career. My next spell was in the consultancy division working on various projects for DG customers. Unit Trust Registration in Cobol and SQL, Clarks warehouse management in PL/1 and some Development agency work in Cobol and Powerhouse. My third spell was in the internal area developing the reporting of Maintenance Contract Revenue, projection and performance. This involved Business investigation with directors at the European HQ in Paris and other local European service managers. Also worked on Telesales system in Cyberscreen for consumable sales. Some later ad hoc support and Y2K work done in the evenings.

Express Dairies April 1989 – Oct 1990 19 months - Technical Services Manager and Full Life Cycle Developer.
(1989/90 1 year and 1984/7 3 years) Initially involved with improving performance of the Rounds Accounting system on DG minis. This involved database and system re-design work that also had the benefit of better reporting. After leading these developments I broadened my role to get involved in the technical side on all systems, hardware and networks supporting over 18 DG mini’s around the country. Interface management with mainframes and links to Tesco and others for ordering/delivery of goods. During my Time here I was involved in Cyberscreen systems.

Exxon Chemicals Feb 1987 – Sep 1987 – 8 months - Analyst/Programmer Rotterdam Area
This was working in Cobol and Cyberquery on DG, for various enhancements to the Refinery maintenance systems. Also merging changes from centralised worldwide development with local customisations of sources.

Citibank Feb 1984-April 1984 3 months – Programmer
On their Store Card management system, worked on various enhancements in Assembler and Fortran on DG. The enhancements included credit scoring and managing the whole process of Credit Card applications.

United International Pictures- Nov 1983 – Feb 1984 - 4 months Analyst/Programmer - Hammersmith
Together with the Budget Controller designed enhancements that provided an up to date selective picture of how films performed against expected. This was in Cobol and enabled them to adjust marketing budgets of films quite early to provide better control and was most enjoyable.

Data Logic -Sep 1978 – Aug 1983 5 years - Project Leader Greenford, Middlesex
On leaving college I worked on high performance Police systems on DG minis. I worked for 3½ years on Criminal Information databases for South Yorkshire and West Mercia forces ending up leading parts of the projects. Programming was in Assembler and Fortran. Also spent a Year as an Analyst/Programmer at the Watney’s group on Order Processing and Sales Analyses systems in Cobol.