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Provision of Software related services and business consultancy.

Small Business Consultancy
Our main focus over the past 2 years is on what is good for small businesses. We have spent time evaluating various hosted solutions and have been involved in implementing some. However we realise that the needs of small businesses are much broader and can not be fixed by just a single product. There are also problems of managing change for a small business in that changes must be in discrete chunks. We have to find a way in which the business can move forward.
Cyberquery and Cyberscreen

As a Cyberscience qualified implementers with detailed experience of the product going back to 1987. Have been involved with systems for Express Dairies, Livingston Hire, BUPA, Fairclough Homes, Exxon, Data General/EMC, Hays Mail Services.

Business Software development.

From COBOL to Web tools the design of a good system always satisfies and so in many places from the Police through to the Dairies have been involved in providing useful functionality within a well performing system.

Technical Writing
Whether writing about products or about technology we have evaluated and written about technology issues. Whether user documents or high level presentations to IT managers we try to understand where our audience is coming from. Dr. Martyn Tucker has written for Ovum on evaluations of Case and 4GL tools. He has also written about XML. We have also contributed to newsletters and publications about new technology.
Data Migration
Over the years the importance of ensuring a quality migration to new systems. A new system may improve a business but the Data migration though an unglamorous part of a project is vital to the success. We have used Oracle, SQL/Server, XML and other tools in this work.