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With a multi-skilled background after much research and involvement in the future trends within IT. We feel able to answer the questions that users require.


To answer the questions involved with Utility computing or hosted systems and then make real sense to a business is part of our service. We understand the advantages but we also understand that a business may have existing infrastructure. So can we achieve good results for businesses? Our answer will be Yes, but our tasks will be to find the cost effective method to deliver that. Hosted systems are very much in their infancy and do not have the links that make them attractive to general business. Whether you want CRM, Sales automation or Accounts and whether you want to link offices together let us help you make the best decisions.

Our main focus is on the Small and Medium Business sector and we recognize that any project needs to be managed in discrete chunks where the client can achieve a benefit. A combination of what the client wants out of IT and also a review of existing tools form the first part of our work. We then propose ideas within differing budgets so that the consequences of what you want to achieve are obvious and a decision can be arrived at. We have various partners that we can pull into our development work to ensure a positive outcome.


Software Companies

Do you have good Software products but want to know about hosting strategies. Is your software architecture amenable to a hosted solution. What is the most cost effective way of hosting in a secure manner. Together with a top security firm we can help a software firm decide on what is required in order to get your applications hosted.

In the emerging hosted market how do you sell. We can help you with your marketing ideas and collateral by ensuring that you have covered all the bases.