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SME Online Limited has grown from 2 consultancies that have been around for over 20 years. Over the past 2 years we have been involved with a leading provider of hosted systems. We are making this experience available to help businesses make sense of the new challenges in IT. We are involved with several other IT related businesses and can provide quality answers to your problems.

Our Mission

To ensure customer satisfaction and provide solutions that are effective in both business and cost terms.  A special interest in the Small/Medium business sector. We believe that your business is our business and so from our ethical background we want to ensure success for our clients. We may recommend solutions and software from which we get no commission because we treat your business as if it is our own. Our satisfaction comes from your success.

Company Profile

Peter Chadburn has been a specialist in the 4GL Cyberquery/CQCS, COBOL and has worked on system design and performance systems in recent years. He has worked for the Police, UIP films, Citibank, BUPA and many more businesses.

Dr. Martyn Tucker has been a writer on IT and also a designer of systems for many companies. In a varied career has worked for the Police, Ovum, Citibank, Sema and many more businesses.

In recent years we have brought our knowledge of bigger business systems to the smaller business sector and have been heavily involved with hosted systems. We have evaluated SalesForce, Salesnet and NetSuite among others. More recently we have been involved with the launch of  NetSuite in the UK. We understand the key limitations of many current CRM products as well as their strengths. Having been involved in CRM projects over the years we know the key points to ensure that your CRM project is a success rather than one of the many projects that get ditched as a failure. There is much more to CRM than the selection of technology.

We understand the benefits and also the problems that underlie today's technology. Together with security and network partners we can also provide the background to the alternatives. So we can advise on how to build on existing infrastructure.

Also for software companies, do you have top class products that you think may suit a wider audience. We understand the requirements for design and marketing of hosted applications.

When you need to bring clarity and sense to business systems please contact us.

Contact Information

Please contact us about your needs.

+44 (0)20 8537 1967
+44 (0)870 054 3991
Postal address
36 Campbell Road, Hanwell, London W7 3EB
Electronic mail
General Information sales and support: contact@sme-online.co.uk